4 Reasons To Add Artisan Chocolates In Your Corporate Gift-Giving

4 Reasons To Add Artisan Chocolates In Your Corporate Gift-Giving October 12, 2021

If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect corporate gift for your clients, shareholders or even employees, fear not because we’ve been there too.

It can be a painful process trying to figure out what’s appropriate and what’s not. “If I give them cologne, does that imply they don’t smell good?”, and, “Are gift baskets too generic and thoughtless?” are just some of the thoughts that cross our mind. One thing you can’t ever go wrong with though, is a box of artisan chocolate.

1.Indulge in Versatility

Unlike cologne and gift cards, chocolate is one of the most versatile corporate gifts you can give someone. Not only do they come in a range of flavours, such as salted caramel, orange and even whiskey or tequila, there are a wide variety of types and portions to choose from.

A chocolate’s versatility also makes for the perfect half when it comes to food and drinks pairing. For instance, bring lighter and creamier chocolates when preparing a cheese platter with consequently, lighter and creamier cheeses. For luxurious events, chocolate and a bottle of wine makes for the perfect, decadent pair that is bound to tease your tastebuds. If you are not quite sure how to pair chocolates with other foods or drinks, not to worry, we have done it for you! Our chocolate hampers come with their perfect pair, ensuring that your receiver has an impeccable chocolate experience from start to finish. Our Hamper Chocolate Delight, for instance, comes with a box of macarons and a bottle of red wine, a perfect gift for your clients and shareholders. Better yet, opt for our Celebration Hamper! Not only does it feature a box of macarons and a bottle of red wine, your receiver will also get to taste an assortment of chocolates, including chocolate tuiles and chardon chocolates.

2.Offer High Perceived Value

If there is one thing that marks gourmet chocolates different from their commercialised counterparts is the thought and care that have been put into making these works of art. Our meticulous and conscientious approach to chocolate-making starts from the procurement all the way to its delivery.

From Bali to Madagascar, Venezuela to Peru, we have painstakingly sought out the finest cacao that Mother Nature can give, making a conscious effort to practise ethical procurement so as to provide better lives for communities alongside the preservation of diversity. Once the cocoa reaches our store in Singapore, we mould them to become high-quality chocolates that only those with masterful workmanship can offer. This is reflected in our chocolates, and those whom you wish to have a long-lasting relationship with can surely taste the care that the chocolatiers, and by extension, you, have put into your gift giving.

3.An All Encompassing Experience

While many think that eating chocolate is just a one dimensional experience (simply just chewing and swallowing), it’s actually much more than that. The simple act of unwrapping the chocolate, hearing the wrapper crinkle open, smelling the aroma of chocolate wafting through the air and finally tasting the sinfully, smooth mixture of flavours on your tongue - it’s very much an all encompassing experience.

We take creating this experience very seriously, having spent decades perfecting the art of chocolate making. Constantly in the pursuit of excellence, we offer chocolates that send a shock wave of endorphins with every bite you take - an experience that your receiver is bound to remember for a long time.

4.The Option to Customise

All excellent corporate gifts have one thing in common: the display of thought and care for the receiver. What better way to show such attributes than personalised gifts? A personalised box of chocolates can help seal your brand’s identity as one that values their receiver, opting only the finest to encapsulate your appreciation. Customisation can be as simple as choosing a packaging preference and include a handwritten note  to put your gratitude in words.

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