Celebrating Easter Day with Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Celebrating Easter Day with Laurent Bernard Chocolatier April 7, 2022

Dyed eggs in baskets, chocolates wrapped in colourful covers, jellybeans in the colours of the rainbow, and bright, pastel hues – it’s clear that Easter Day is approaching. Children around the world anticipate this day with glee, and with their empty baskets ready, they hunt for the decorated eggs hidden in plain sight.

However, beyond the Easter egg hunts and chocolate Easter bunnies, many tend to forget that Easter represents the oldest and highest festival in the Christian faith. So as a quick refresher, here’s all you need to know about this fun celebration.

Understanding Easter’s Day

Easter Day represents a principal festival of the Christian church which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the New Testament, the Roman authorities had arrested Jesus due to his claims of being the “Son of God”. He was then sentenced to death by crucifixion and resurrected only three days later to prove that he was indeed the living son of God. Since this event is one of the most critical happenings in the Bible, if not the most, Easter essentially became a very significant date on the Christian calendar.

While this holiday has high religious significance, the traditions that are associated with this day date back to pre-Christian, pagan times. The English word “Easter” is thought to be derived from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. This reasons why eggs have become the symbol of Easter, for eggs represent fertility and birth. They also allude to the religious significance of Jesus’ resurrection or rebirth.

Today, however, Easter has become a religious holiday and a commercial event in equal measure. Families go out of their way to decorate baskets-worth of eggs and hide them in crooks and crannies. Celebrants exchange greeting cards, chocolates, and candies.

Flying Easter Bells: Easter Traditions in France

As an artisanal chocolatier, we wish to share how Easter is celebrated in France – and it may just interest you!

In most cultures, the Easter Bunny is traditionally the one who would bring chocolate eggs for the children. In France, however, our delivery person is less fluffy and cute: the flying bells (les cloches volantes).

Throughout the year, the church bells in France are always busy. They’ll ring several times throughout the day, and are especially loud on holidays. However, they become eerily silent on the Thursday before Easter (Maudy Thursday), believed to have sprouted wings and flown all the way to Italy – or so the French Catholic tradition says.

Legend has it that the bells head to the Vatican, carrying with them the overwhelming grief of those mourning over the death of Jesus. They would then be blessed by the Pope, and only then would they return home – and they don’t come back empty-handed either! During their journey back to France, they would gather every coloured egg and chocolate and distribute them to all the well-behaved children in the country. These flying bells will drop these gifts from the sky, scattering around people’s gardens for the children to discover the next morning. Once that’s done, they’d return to their churches to once again jubilantly ring – this time, to celebrate Jesus’ rebirth.

Celebrate Easter with Laurent Bernard

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