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If you are short on time and looking for one of the best birthday cakes for your spouse, parent or sibling, you do not have to come down to our shop – simply drop your order to us online and we will have your cakes delivered to you right here in Singapore.

With a range of astoundingly delicious cakes on offer, we will have your top choice for that chocolate cake, which you can browse conveniently online.

Indulge: Pick Your Ideal Chocolate Cake Online

From the velvety to the moist, the light and the fluffy – we have it all right here waiting for you. With the finest ingredients, including our authentic cacao beans specially sourced from South America, the delectable cakes listed on our online catalogue are made with finesse by our talented team of chocolatiers in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on our range of cakes to satisfy any chocolate lover. Whether you have a penchant for mousse, ganache, or praline, we have the cake that your heart desires. Choose from our birthday cakes available online, submit an order and enjoy the most heavenly cake experience in Singapore with Laurent Bernard – for this is where indulgence lives.

We also take orders for chocolate boxes which you can purchase should you wish to gift a sweet little surprise to your beloved.

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We can provide delivery for your cake in Singapore – that too, fresh and well on time. We ensure that our cake delivery service in Singapore is of optimal quality so that you can enjoy our delicious cakes with a smile.

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  • 3 Chocolate Cake

    Impress your guest with this 3 chocolates cake. Composed of silky white, milk and dark chocolate mousse, layerd with dark chocolate sponge. this cake will please all.


    dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cream, milk, butter, sugar,eggs, flour, almond, corn starch, gelatine, glucose,pure vanilla . all ingredients are prime quality from relable sources all our cakes are home made from scratch by our chefs.


    Based on 4 reviews.
  • Black Forest cake

      Light but creamy, bursting with cherries and Kirsh. This is probably the best traditional black forest of its kind, a awards winning cake ! a must have for your birthday party. The cake is fragile and do not travel easily, I recommend you have it delivered to your door. This cake contain alcohol. store in a refrigerator at 4C, to be consumed rapidly.

    ingredients : cream,eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, cherry, raspberry, kirsh liquor, dark chocolate, butter, fish gelatine. may contain trace of nuts.

    Based on 5 reviews.
  • Chocolate Tart

    The Chocolate Tarte is a must-try. Made of a creamy chocolate layer on a crispy hazelnut biscuit, it is simply delicious.

    Please note , we need 2 working days notice for his delicious cake.

    650 grams

    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Chocolate Truffle Cake

    3 layers of moist chocolate sponge infused with raspberry, with in between a layer of dark chocolate mousse. This is one of our fetish. only ingredients of the highest quality that have been used . Each mouthful of our delicious cakes takes you on culinary journey, this product is the result of a long chain of passionate individual. to enjoy this cake at it s best live it at room temperature 10 minutes before eating. We delivery or collection in 24 hour. ingredients: almond, dark chocolate, cream, eggs, butter, flour, cocoa powder, raspberry,gelatin, sugar, raspberry liquor to be stored at 4 C  

    Based on 4 reviews.
  • Christmas Chocolate Log Cake

    On the imaginary in the dark alchemists cave, born countless sorceries ! it facinates us as we chose it .

    We think that what is rare and precious, it can go to all the follies.

    It is a work that want to be misterious.

    lets see what hides inside this dark chocolate log cake

    A pleasant smell of chocolate comes from the dessert. The dark chocolate petals on its surface are beautifully cut, with a beautiful shape and clean edges. very fine, the petals quickly melt on the tongue.

    The chocolate mousse is supple and perfectly done. It's flavor is strongly chocolatey and it is also moderately sweet.

    The biscuit sacher is wonderfull,with a tight crumb that remains supple, and notes of almond paste that appear through the chocolate.

    The biscuit has a suitable volume relative to the rest and creates a chewing effect necessary to support the flavors.

    available from 1 st December onward. book early !

    ingredients : dark chocolate, cream, eggs, almond, sugar, flour, cacao powder, orange,hazelnut, corn starch, salt, cacao paste


  • Christmas log cake milk chocolate and crispy almond

    Just a whim to change everything !

    This little desire that is mistakenly considered as frivolous can sometimes connect us to much more fundamental aspirations. And Christmas is a good time for all the whims, or almost, i do not intend to deprive you this year.

    So i will make you discover this infinitely milk chocolate log cake, this sweet flavor that please so much and remains full of memories for so many peoples.

    This Christmas log consist of a milk chocolate mousse, a sponge, and a crunchy almonds.

    This dessert has the smell of chocolate , announcing its falvor. Its begin by the milk chocolate plates on its sides. They are thin enough to quickly melt in the mouth and release the sweet scent of milk chocolate.Then you will discover a very light and fresh milk chocolate mousse, in the rolled biscuit, the ganachehas the consistency of a smooth cream. Going down further in the yul cake we arrive at the feuillantine almond praline. It is distinguished by its very crispy side. You can easily feel the crunchy texture. The crispy mark serves this particular Christmas log cake well and helps to give body.

    order it now ! This log cake will be available from December 1st

    ingredients : milk chocolate, cream, butter, eggs, flour, coconut sugar, white sugar, almond, salt, hazelnuts, vanilla




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