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Indulgence lives here. With a range of astoundingly indulgent cakes on offer, your top choice for that upcoming birthday cake can be found online with Singapore’s own Laurent Bernard.

From the velvety, to the moist, the light and the fluffy – we have it all right here waiting for you. With the finest ingredients such as cacao beans sourced from South America, our delectable cakes are sure to impress.

We pride ourselves on our range of cakes to satisfy any chocolate lover. Whether you have a penchant for mousse, ganache, praline, any indulgence your heart (or taste buds) desires are available for the most heavenly cake experience in Singapore.

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  •  Intense Vanilla Chocolate Log Cake

    A classic holiday cake that is so rich, it make you feel absolutely decadent ! Made of flourless chocolate sponge, rich dark chocolate mousse and intense vanilla, this is a classic christmas dessert.

     ingredients :

    dark chocolate, cream,milk, butter, eggs, cocoa powder, almond, gelatine, vanilla, salt

    Price: $68

    Now: 10% discount till 25/11/2018


  • 3 Chocolate Cake

    Impress your guest with this 3 chocolates cake. Composed of silky white, milk and dark chocolate mousse, layerd with dark chocolate sponge. this cake will please all.


    dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, cream, milk, butter, sugar,eggs, flour, almond, corn starch, gelatine, glucose,pure vanilla . all ingredients are prime quality from relable sources all our cakes are home made from scratch by our chefs.


    Based on 4 reviews.
  • Black Forest

      Light but creamy, bursting with cherries and Kirsh. This is probably the best traditional black forest of its kind, a must have for your birthday party. The cake is fragile and do not travel easily, I recommend you have it delivered to your door. This cake contain alcohol

    Based on 5 reviews.
  • Cafe Mocha Log Cake

    One cake having a strong identity, assuming bravely a main flavour worked by various manners.The sweet Coffe Mocha by Laurent Bernard, seems to emphasize a particular flavour but at a closer look, you will discover that this cake is more than it seems.

    The cake consists of a coffee butter cream and a  milk chocolate layer containing a smooth and creamy centre pleasantly devoid of bitterness and protecting the soft side of coffee. The sponge is soft and soaked with coffee. it guards its integrity and possesses a very soft exture. finally, on the base of the cake, the shortbread  hazelnut cookie releases a delicious parfum of cinamon, on the surface some pieces of roasted hazelnuts. The good roasted hazelnuts around the cake bring a woody and considerable note of dried fruits.

    Price: $65.00

    Now: 10%  ($58.50)  till 25/11/2018


  • Chocolate Tarte

    The Chocolate Tarte is a must-try. Made of a creamy chocolate layer on a crispy hazelnut biscuit, it is simply delicious.

    650 grams

    Based on 2 reviews.
  • chocolate Truffle Cake

    3 layer of moist chocolate sponge infused with raspberry, with in beetewen a layer of dark chocolate mousse. This is one of our fetish.

     only ingredients of the highest quality that have been used . Each mouthful of our delicious cakes takes you on culinary journey, this product is the result of a lonf chaine of passionate individual. 

    to enjoy this cake at it s best live it at room temperature 10 minutes before degustation.

     We delivery or collection in 24hour.


    almond, dark chocolate, cream, eggs, buuter, flour, cocoa powder, raspberry,gelatine, sugar, raspberry liquor

    to be stored at 4C  


    Based on 4 reviews.

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