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It is one of the world’s highly irresistible foods on this planet, one that never fails to satisfy the sweet cravings of both the young and old. It tingles the taste buds, uplifts your emotions and leaves you wanting for more. We’re talking about the most delectable indulgence – chocolate. At Laurent Bernard, we prepare the best chocolates in Singapore that cater to a variety of taste buds. We work hard to deliver the best in our crafts using only authentic ingredients, and ultimately be the go-to chocolate shop in Singapore for all your cravings.

You can visit our chocolatier at any one of our four locations in Singapore. Click here to check out our boutiques!

Our Bestselling Chocolate Cakes

If you are looking for the best chocolate cake in Singapore, Laurent Bernard is here to surprise you.

For the palate that submits to rich and authentic cacao, our Pure Chocolate Cake is sure to impress. The combination of moist sponge chocolate and creamy dark chocolate mousse melts beautifully in the mouth.

You can also try our flavourful Trianon chocolate cake, best known in Singapore. Its hazelnut dacquoise sponge cake, with a crispy layer of gavottes and topped with chocolate whipped cream, makes it the ideal cake for any special occasion.

Our exceptional Truffle Cake comes with three moist layers of the sponge cake infused with raspberry and dark chocolate mousse – one of the best you can find in Singapore!

Our box of assorted chocolates is also a favourite. Using the most authentic cacao beans, our chocolates are made fresh at our chocolatier in Singapore and served with our hearts.

Cake Delivery in Singapore

Our service does not only stop at our culinary expertise. We deliver with great customer service so that you can enjoy the best from our chocolate shop in Singapore.Contact us now if you would like to order a cake and have it delivered to you.

Our cake delivery service extends countrywide - you can get the best chocolate cake in Singapore at your doorstep with just a phone call!

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