About Laurent Bernard

About Laurent Bernard

After 20 years of culinary around the world, Laurent Bernard , French artisan chocolatier,  settle his first café in Singapore in 2006. Laurent’s café is located along the river at Robertson quay in a charming and cosy area in the heart of Singapore, which became quickly famous for the chocolate soufflé and hot chocolate. A year later, Laurent opened another cafe-restaurant at Portsdown, followed by a retail outlet at Takashimaya food hall and recently in CBD Area . 

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier has received The Best Chocolates Award from Singapore Tatler's The Best of Singapore four years consecutively, from 2011 to 2014.

The success of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier brand is due to the passion and commitment of the chef himself. Each indulgent piece of chocolate is painstakingly developed and moulded with love and creativity.

"I did source and select the best ingredients from around the world to make unique chocolates. The rich and intense note of chocolate from Trinidad, Venezuela or Dominican Republic… There is no compromise when selecting the precious ingredients: vintage whisky, fine tea, vanilla from Tahiti, subtle spices…"

Laurent is engaged to encourage farmers and producers to produce ingredients which are healthy and done in a way that is respectful of the environment.

"It is very important for me to know the provenance of all my ingredients, where each ingredient comes from, and who is behind the product that I serve. To establish a close relation with the producers and farmers is my main priority when I create new recipes, to ensure that the final product corresponds to our standards of quality."

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