Dream job: Chocolatier

Laurent Bernard, 49
Founder of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

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Laurent Cafe and Chocolate Bar Singapore: The Sexiest Desserts By The Quay

Laurent Bernard — the very name commands attention.

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4 Tips for Ordering From an Online Cake Service

ordering online cake may be sometimes difficult, here we give you some tips on how to select the best birthday cake. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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How to tell the difference between bad and good chocolate

Think back to your last chocolate experience.
How did the chocolate taste? How did it feel in your mouth? How did you know it was quality chocolate?

You probably know by tasting the chocolate if it is good or not, but pinpointing the exact reasons behind the quality can be a little more difficult. Taking that to the next level and actually producing high-quality chocolate for your candy products is even more of a challenge.

You know you want to use the best chocolate in your products, but you may not know what actually goes into making good chocolate.

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Belgian chocolate, what so special about it

“We produce delicious Belgian chocolates.”

How many times have you heard these words? Proud of their claim, many chocolatiers use Belgian Chocolates as their unique selling proposition.

They consider it a badge of honour. It’s like they are making some kind of superior chocolates from the regular ones on the market. Like they follow a special recipe or can guarantee a better quality and origin. Not even the renowned Swiss Chocolate has the same marketing power.

​Belgian chocolates have gained the trust of chocoholics throughout history, and many consumers even believe them to be the best chocolates in the world. But what is the exact definition of Belgian Chocolates? And are they worth the hype?

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Every year we celebrate our birthdays with cake, candles, balloons, and a party.

Whether you’re throwing a party for your kids, filled with presents, crazy birthday cakes, and colorful decorations, or you’re wondering where that last year went as you drink one more glass of Champagne and toast to another year of survival, birthday parties are annual and inescapable.

But where did all these traditions start? 

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