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  • Chocolate Libary

               This chocolate Assortment is the perfect gift for Chocolate Connoisseurs. Contains Five GRAND CRUS varieties .    This pack is a perfect opportunity to discover Laurent Bernard chocolatier amazing chocolates and wide range.


  • Grand Cru Ecuador, Rio Gayas, Forastero Arriba-national

    Historic producer of quality cacao beans, Equador has an outstanding production region to the west of the country, alongside the gayas river.

    Forastero beans, although ordinary, when combined with geology and climate can produce cocoa beans with flavors on a par with the best. we chose Arriba SS superior beans.

    Once thought to be a member of the “forestero” type, Arriba Nacional has recently been recategorized as its own unique genetic type.  Arriba joins Criollo and Trinitario varieties in the upper echelons of “fine or flavor” cacao.  Indeed, it is a treasured varietal that only develops its full flavor and aromatics capabilities in its home country of Ecuador, despite efforts by some to grow it elsewhere in the world.

    Within this singular variety, you will find differences in flavor and aroma depending on where in Ecuador the Arriba was grown. Just like wine or coffee, the terroir of cacao beans offers nuanced differences brought on by climate, elevation, soil type, rainfall, average temperature, etc.  For example, the strong floral notes of Arriba from Manabi are more muted in Esmeraldas, where more nutty notes are highlighted.

    This delicate fruit with mighty flavor has been through a lot in the last five millennia.  Arguably the world’s first cultivated cacao, Arriba was nearly wiped out completely a few times in the last century.  With your support, we are helping to preserve the genetic diversity of cacao by continuing to plant and cultivate this irreplaceable crop.

    When it comes to food, the most sustainable choice is often the most delicious!


    This connoisseur's chocolate revals a fairly dense structure, typical of Forastero beans, that nevertheless does not mask the composition of flavors. Its first impression is light, delivering aromas of wood, tabacco and tea that develop gradually on the palate.

  • Grand Cru Guatemala forastero Accriollado

    Guatemala is one of the original birth place of cocoa.

    The cocoa found in Guatemala today is still pure and preserved. This cocoa grow in the heart of a wild and mountainous region known as Alta Verapaz. Impressive aromatic expression of the nose with sudden release of fermentation aromas and fresh cocoa beans. On the palate, it is round and full bodied. The aromatic palette is complex with notes of citrus and red fruit tempered by the chocolate aromas. The finish is long-lasting and pure.


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