Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake


Fruit Cake

Ah! that obedience to conventions is comforting sometimes ! We taste it as a dlicacy, reserved for a few occasions. For certain things remind us how delightful are the mostclassic pleasures, and how pleasant are the warm waters of social convenience. It iserased as if forgotten, draped with dignity. We then deck ourselves with the finery of purity, and that only gives a higher price to all the secrets that others can glimpse in us.

Going to the country, drinking tea in the garden accompanied by a candied fruit cake, is not it the best remedy for the turpitudes of the city that take us in their nets ? poor of us who give in too easily sometimes ! Let's choose our remission cake with care.

This English fruit cake is made according to it s classic form, consisting of a dough encrusted with candied fruit, cherry, lemon, orange, apricot, raisoins macerated with rum. This Christmas fruit cake is compact and rich as expected of such a dessert that does not derogate conceptually from the classic receipe. The flavor of the rum is rather marked and long in mouth, rich in fruit and generously buttered, this traditional fruit cake fulfills its mission !

i recomend to accompagne this cake with a delicious tea.

ingredients :

butter, sugar, brown sugar, flour, corn starch, eggs, raisins, cherry, apricot, almond, hazelnut, orange,lemon, rum, baking powder. weight 500 gr



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