Cafe Mocha Log Cake

Cafe Mocha Log Cake


Cafe Mocha Log Cake

One cake having a strong identity, assuming bravely a main flavour worked by various manners.The sweet Coffe Mocha by Laurent Bernard, seems to emphasize a particular flavour but at a closer look, you will discover that this cake is more than it seems.

The cake consists of a coffee butter cream and a  milk chocolate layer containing a smooth and creamy centre pleasantly devoid of bitterness and protecting the soft side of coffee. The sponge is soft and soaked with coffee. it guards its integrity and possesses a very soft exture. finally, on the base of the cake, the shortbread  hazelnut cookie releases a delicious parfum of cinamon, on the surface some pieces of roasted hazelnuts. The good roasted hazelnuts around the cake bring a woody and considerable note of dried fruits.

Price: $65.00

Now: 10%  ($58.50)  till 25/11/2018


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