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From the velvety to the moist, the light and the fluffy – we have it all right here waiting for you. With the finest ingredients, including our authentic cacao beans specially sourced from South America, the delectable cakes listed on our online catalogue are made with finesse by our talented team of chocolatiers in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on our range of cakes to satisfy any chocolate lover. Whether you have a penchant for mousse, ganache, or praline, we have the cake that your heart desires. Choose from our birthday cakes available online, submit an order and enjoy the most heavenly cake experience in Singapore with Laurent Bernard – for this is where indulgence lives.

We also take orders for chocolate boxes which you can purchase should you wish to gift a sweet little surprise to your beloved.

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  • Christmas Log Vacherin Iced Vanilla & Red Fruit Sherbet

    "Hell is cold" wrote Georges Bernanos. if it is indifference, the exhaustion of feelings.....it is not to love anymore,not to suffer, to no longer marvel, not to want anymore........if nothing else moves the heart.......then he was right, hell is not made of fire and flames. It is freezing. Yet he is also a duplicate. Because the cold, when we tame it, is it not also a source of pleasure ? is not he the one who give us the most delicious ice cream ?

    This Christmas log cake consist of a vanilla ice cream, a red fruit sorbet,and a meringue.

    The ice cream is thick and dense, which gives an impression of quality compared to some industrial ice cream. The cream is smooth and creamy when it melts. developing a strong and recognizable vanilla flavor. the sugar is moderate and the vanilla whose grains are abundant expresses itself clearly. The cream tend to melt relatively slowly compared to a sorbet for exemple.The red fruits sherbet goes well with vanilla, bringing a tangy flavor and a little dynamism. The meringue sticks hollow and light are also pleasantly crunchy and easy to break, they are fully dry and do not have a soften heart.

    available soon


  • Christmas Praline Hazelnut Log Cake

    On our festive tables, let us tolerate tonight only the most refined and delicious desserts ! Gluttony must reigns !

    But when the meal ends with the usual delay, we will not rush...indeed we know that we must kneel for the right reasons, a log that we see on a corner of the table seems a prey of choice.

    This pastry consists of a soft salted butter caramel wrapped in a creamy praline, a soft biscuit, and a crunchy praline with salt flower.

    the creamy is rich in dry fruits flavor, it is not sticky and remains surprisingly light. Under this creamy, we discover a biscuit, it is reminiscent of the praline flavor. The caramel is not very sweet, it develops a very heady caramel scent without being exuberant. Finally the crunchy praline has strong notes of roasted dried fruits, you will also notice the subtle salt flower.

    available from December first. 

    ingredients : cream, sugar, butter, milk, milk chocolate, hazelnut, almond, eggs , flour, nutmeg, vanilla

  • Pure Chocolate Cake

    this is one of our fetishes, this chocolate cake is made from a pure origin dark chocolate, using the finest cacao bean from south America. This very chocolatey cake will impress any chocolate lover. it’s made of: 2 layers of moist chocolate sponge, dark chocolate creamy heart and dark chocolate mousse. The chocolate aroma, it s intensity are completly unique, discover a complex and aromatic chocolate, it s length on the palate is exceptional.

     This cake do not contain alcohol, it is also a gluten free cake, so those how have gluten intolerance can enjoy!  

    Ingredients list:

    Dark chocolate, milk, cream, butter, almond, cacao powder, eggs, sugar, gelatine, glucose

    to enjoy at it s best keep 10 minutes at room temperature before serving.

    to be stored at 4C



    Based on 5 reviews.
  • lola cake

    The Lola cake is our own devil's cake interpretation.

     this devilish cake is black as sin, it is probably the most chocolatey of the chocolate cake, with a moist and rich crumb and  luscious filling. if your birthday is just around the corner, this chocolate cake is probably  it s something to consider. it will delight your guest by it s unique presentation.

    Based on 4 reviews.
  • Trianon

    Trianon or also called royal chocolate cake is a combination of hazelnut dacquoise sponge, crispy layer of gavottes with dark chocolate whipped cream. 

    its a wonderfull yet simple cake, a combination of textures, a delicious dark chocolate mousse, a pure piemond hazelnut crunchy on a soft hazelnut sponge.

    the perfect cake for your special occasion. awarded best chocolate cake by Singapore river, it s a chocolate cake not to be missed.

    store in chiller at 4C to be consume within 48h from date of purchase. 

    ingredients list :

    dark chocolate, hazelnuts, peanuts, almond,cream, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, corn starch, vanilla, salt


    Based on 5 reviews.

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