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We believe that the perfect chocolate hamper will excite the receiver, and we do just that in Singapore! Every year, many companies in Singapore, both big and small, engage our hamper preparation service to present their staff or customers with a basket of chocolate goodies. We produce the best chocolates, and packing them into a beautiful chocolate hamper as a gift for the cacao lover in Singapore will excite us even further. You will definitely recognise the elegant packaging of our hampers! Even better, the chocolate hamper can be sent directly to the recipient with our door-to-door delivery service in Singapore.

The Best in Singapore: Choose Your Ideal Chocolate Hamper

Every basket contains the freshest, most exciting, high-quality ingredients. We ensure that a good amount of time is dedicated to preparing each chocolate hamper because our dedicated team of chocolatiers in Singapore put in all their effort in doing so. Our hampers come in a variety – from a chocolate and champagne collection to one that is packed with flavourful tea. Our signature collection comes with it all! If you want to add an extra chocolate bar or champagne to the basket, you are most welcomed to do so. We can also prepare a small-sized chocolate hamper for those who prefer simplicity and do not want to carry a big gift around Singapore. Our chocolate hamper collection is also customisable to your company’s requirements in Singapore, as well as for your family and friends.

Chocolate Hamper Delivery in Singapore

We oversee the delivery of each chocolate hamper in Singapore. Whether it is a bulk order of a thousand gifts or just a handful, you will be able to give your staff, clients and their families something they will love.

Be it for a wedding, a Christmas celebration or a Valentines’ Day date with your better half, we can provide the perfect chocolate hamper for delivery in Singapore no matter the occasion.

Pick the best chocolate hamper from our collection below and call us for delivery in Singapore. We also deliver throughout Southeast Asia. Contact us for more information.

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  • Absolute  Dom Perignon Hampers

    Luxury the French way ! 

    this hamper include ;

    1 btl Dom Perignon 2006, 1 chocolate box 25 pcs, 1 box tuiles assorted, 1 chocolate orange cake 500 gr, 1 tin hazelnut coated in chocolate, 1 pkt orangette, 1 medley almond, 1 tea tin Dammann, 1 box 5 pcs macarons, 1 chocolate library 5 bars origine, 1 fresh flowers bouquet, 1 leather hamper, delivery, gift card

  • Everything chocolate gift hamper

    An abundance of the most celebrated receipes in our entire collection.

    A special large chocolate gift hamper for any chocolate lover.

    this gift hamper include :

    Chocolate box 16pcs ,chocolate orange cake 500 gr, chocolate tuile, chocolate cookies, orangette,noisette coated in dark chocolate, cocoa bean, free delivery and greeting card.

    flowers are optional, we work with very professional and reliable florist, if you like to add a flower bouquet do not hesitate to contact our sales at

  • Fresh flowers

    to accompagne a birthday cake, a chocolate boxe , or one of our delicious hampers

    contact us for arrangement at 9725 0579 or email  us at

  • Hamper Chocolate & Champagne Collection

    What better way to celebrate than with the classic pairing of chocolate and Champagne ?

    Congratulate your loved one or client with this perfect Champagne hamper !

    This gift hamper include : 1 Moet champagne brut 75cl , 1 box assorted macaroons, 1 bag chocolate rocher, 5 origine chocolate bars, leather basquet, free delivery and gift card

  • Tea time and chocolate gift hamper

    If you just meet someone who you know means something to you but you re not sure of theire taste in chocolate this carefully curated collection of some of our best-loved receipes will make an effortless gift. you will have another interest in common.

     this hamper include 

    1 chocolate box 9 pcs

    1  Dammann tea tin

    1 box home made macaroons 5 pcs

    flowers are optional, we work with professional and reliable florist, if you like to add a wonderfull fresh flower bouquet please contact Iveta :  24h required. 

    1 leather box

    gift card


  • Hamper chocolate delight

    red wine


    chocolate box 9 pcs

    leather basquet

    gift card


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