Christmas log cake 2018

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  •  Intense Vanilla Chocolate Log Cake

    A classic holiday cake that is so rich, it make you feel absolutely decadent ! Made of flourless chocolate sponge, rich dark chocolate mousse and intense vanilla, this is a classic christmas dessert.

     ingredients :

    dark chocolate, cream,milk, butter, eggs, cocoa powder, almond, gelatine, vanilla, salt

    Price: $68

    Now: 10% discount till 25/11/2018


  • Cafe Mocha Log Cake

    One cake having a strong identity, assuming bravely a main flavour worked by various manners.The sweet Coffe Mocha by Laurent Bernard, seems to emphasize a particular flavour but at a closer look, you will discover that this cake is more than it seems.

    The cake consists of a coffee butter cream and a  milk chocolate layer containing a smooth and creamy centre pleasantly devoid of bitterness and protecting the soft side of coffee. The sponge is soft and soaked with coffee. it guards its integrity and possesses a very soft exture. finally, on the base of the cake, the shortbread  hazelnut cookie releases a delicious parfum of cinamon, on the surface some pieces of roasted hazelnuts. The good roasted hazelnuts around the cake bring a woody and considerable note of dried fruits.

    Price: $65.00

    Now: 10%  ($58.50)  till 25/11/2018


  • Fruit Cake Deluxe

    This fruit cake is dense and moist,filled with delicious candied wild cherry, lemon, orange, and melon from France. We soaked it with selected rum, and decorate with candied apricot, orange and lime.a true delight.

    *Please note that currently Delivery is not available. Earliest delivery date is after 27 Dec 2017. 
    Self-Collection and Pick-ups are still available at all of our retail outlets. Please contact our retail outlets for availability or visit our retail outlets for off-the-shelf purchases. 
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  • Imperial Mango Log Cake

    This fresh and light christmas log cake will be greatly appreciated. Combination of mango and jasmin compote a silky coconut mouse all that seat on a flourless coconut sponge. A must try.

    ingredients :

    mango, mandarine, lime, jasmin, sugar, corn startch, coconut, cream, rice, eggs, 

    Price: 65.00

    Now: 10% ($58.50) till 25/11/2018

  • Scarlette Log Cake

    What is more titillating in desire? Is it necessarily his fulfillment? We find ourselves on the contrary, this movement of the soul is often expected. What is exhilarating is everything. Who it is, that's what happens. Often the key to desire is not given. Understand that it goes well with the warnings, but still taste the desire  in a dessert with red fruits. What will he awake in us?

    This dessert consists of an raspberry and blackberry mousse, a creamy intense vanilla a soft biscuit with almonds and a sponge scented with pistachio. The whole is covered with a red glazing and decorated with fresh raspberry .

    Price: 65.00

    Now: 10% (58.50) till 25/11/2018


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