Christmas log cake 2019

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  • Chocolate Teddy Bear Tree

    Soo cute christmas tree! our white chocolate bears are filled with delicious home made chocolate rocher. this will look so nice on your christmas table.



  • Christmas Chocolate Log Cake

    On the imaginary in the dark alchemists cave, born countless sorceries ! it facinates us as we chose it .

    We think that what is rare and precious, it can go to all the follies.

    It is a work that want to be misterious.

    lets see what hides inside this dark chocolate log cake

    A pleasant smell of chocolate comes from the dessert. The dark chocolate petals on its surface are beautifully cut, with a beautiful shape and clean edges. very fine, the petals quickly melt on the tongue.

    The chocolate mousse is supple and perfectly done. It's flavor is strongly chocolatey and it is also moderately sweet.

    The biscuit sacher is wonderfull,with a tight crumb that remains supple, and notes of almond paste that appear through the chocolate.

    The biscuit has a suitable volume relative to the rest and creates a chewing effect necessary to support the flavors.

    available from 1 st December onward. book early !

    ingredients : dark chocolate, cream, eggs, almond, sugar, flour, cacao powder, orange,hazelnut, corn starch, salt, cacao paste


  • Christmas Fruit Cake Deluxe

    Ah! that obedience to conventions is comforting sometimes ! We taste it as a dlicacy, reserved for a few occasions. For certain things remind us how delightful are the mostclassic pleasures, and how pleasant are the warm waters of social convenience. It iserased as if forgotten, draped with dignity. We then deck ourselves with the finery of purity, and that only gives a higher price to all the secrets that others can glimpse in us.

    Going to the country, drinking tea in the garden accompanied by a candied fruit cake, is not it the best remedy for the turpitudes of the city that take us in their nets ? poor of us who give in too easily sometimes ! Let's choose our remission cake with care.

    This English fruit cake is made according to it s classic form, consisting of a dough encrusted with candied fruit, cherry, lemon, orange, apricot, raisoins macerated with rum. This Christmas fruit cake is compact and rich as expected of such a dessert that does not derogate conceptually from the classic receipe. The flavor of the rum is rather marked and long in mouth, rich in fruit and generously buttered, this traditional fruit cake fulfills its mission !

    i recomend to accompagne this cake with a delicious Christmas tea.

    ingredients :

    butter, sugar, brown sugar, flour, corn starch, eggs, raisins, cherry, apricot, almond, hazelnut, orange,lemon, rum, baking powder



  • Christmas log cake milk chocolate and crispy almond

    Just a whim to change everything !

    This little desire that is mistakenly considered as frivolous can sometimes connect us to much more fundamental aspirations. And Christmas is a good time for all the whims, or almost, i do not intend to deprive you this year.

    So i will make you discover this infinitely milk chocolate log cake, this sweet flavor that please so much and remains full of memories for so many peoples.

    This Christmas log consist of a milk chocolate mousse, a sponge, and a crunchy almonds.

    This dessert has the smell of chocolate , announcing its falvor. Its begin by the milk chocolate plates on its sides. They are thin enough to quickly melt in the mouth and release the sweet scent of milk chocolate.Then you will discover a very light and fresh milk chocolate mousse, in the rolled biscuit, the ganachehas the consistency of a smooth cream. Going down further in the yul cake we arrive at the feuillantine almond praline. It is distinguished by its very crispy side. You can easily feel the crunchy texture. The crispy mark serves this particular Christmas log cake well and helps to give body.

    order it now ! This log cake will be available from December 1st

    ingredients : milk chocolate, cream, butter, eggs, flour, coconut sugar, white sugar, almond, salt, hazelnuts, vanilla



  • Christmas Log Vacherin Iced Vanilla & Red Fruit Sherbet

    "Hell is cold" wrote Georges Bernanos. if it is indifference, the exhaustion of is not to love anymore,not to suffer, to no longer marvel, not to want anymore........if nothing else moves the heart.......then he was right, hell is not made of fire and flames. It is freezing. Yet he is also a duplicate. Because the cold, when we tame it, is it not also a source of pleasure ? is not he the one who give us the most delicious ice cream ?

    This Christmas log cake consist of a vanilla ice cream, a red fruit sorbet,and a meringue.

    The ice cream is thick and dense, which gives an impression of quality compared to some industrial ice cream. The cream is smooth and creamy when it melts. developing a strong and recognizable vanilla flavor. the sugar is moderate and the vanilla whose grains are abundant expresses itself clearly. The cream tend to melt relatively slowly compared to a sorbet for exemple.The red fruits sherbet goes well with vanilla, bringing a tangy flavor and a little dynamism. The meringue sticks hollow and light are also pleasantly crunchy and easy to break, they are fully dry and do not have a soften heart.

    available soon


  • Praline hazelnut Christmas  Log Cake

    On our festive tables, let us tolerate tonight only the most refined and delicious desserts ! Gluttony must reigns !

    But when the meal ends with the usual delay, we will not rush...indeed we know that we must kneel for the right reasons, a log that we see on a corner of the table seems a prey of choice.

    This pastry consists of a soft salted butter caramel wrapped in a creamy praline, a soft biscuit, and a crunchy praline with salt flower.

    the creamy is rich in dry fruits flavor, it is not sticky and remains surprisingly light. Under this creamy, we discover a biscuit, it is reminiscent of the praline flavor. The caramel is not very sweet, it develops a very heady caramel scent without being exuberant. Finally the crunchy praline has strong notes of roasted dried fruits, you will also notice the subtle salt flower.

    available from December first. 

    ingredients : cream, sugar, butter, milk, milk chocolate, hazelnut, almond, eggs , flour, nutmeg, vanilla


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