Christmas log cake milk chocolate and crispy almond

Christmas log cake milk chocolate and crispy almond


Christmas log cake milk chocolate and crispy almond

Just a whim to change everything !

This little desire that is mistakenly considered as frivolous can sometimes connect us to much more fundamental aspirations. And Christmas is a good time for all the whims, or almost, i do not intend to deprive you this year.

So i will make you discover this infinitely milk chocolate log cake, this sweet flavor that please so much and remains full of memories for so many peoples.

This Christmas log consist of a milk chocolate mousse, a sponge, and a crunchy almonds.

This dessert has the smell of chocolate , announcing its falvor. Its begin by the milk chocolate plates on its sides. They are thin enough to quickly melt in the mouth and release the sweet scent of milk chocolate.Then you will discover a very light and fresh milk chocolate mousse, in the rolled biscuit, the ganachehas the consistency of a smooth cream. Going down further in the yul cake we arrive at the feuillantine almond praline. It is distinguished by its very crispy side. You can easily feel the crunchy texture. The crispy mark serves this particular Christmas log cake well and helps to give body.

order it now ! This log cake will be available from December 1st

ingredients : milk chocolate, cream, butter, eggs, flour, coconut sugar, white sugar, almond, salt, hazelnuts, vanilla



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