Christmas Log Vacherin Iced Vanilla & Red Fruit Sherbet

Christmas Log Vacherin Iced Vanilla & Red Fruit Sherbet


Christmas Log Vacherin Iced Vanilla & Red Fruit Sherbet

"Hell is cold" wrote Georges Bernanos. if it is indifference, the exhaustion of is not to love anymore,not to suffer, to no longer marvel, not to want anymore........if nothing else moves the heart.......then he was right, hell is not made of fire and flames. It is freezing. Yet he is also a duplicate. Because the cold, when we tame it, is it not also a source of pleasure ? is not he the one who give us the most delicious ice cream ?

This Christmas log cake consist of a vanilla ice cream, a red fruit sorbet,and a meringue.

The ice cream is thick and dense, which gives an impression of quality compared to some industrial ice cream. The cream is smooth and creamy when it melts. developing a strong and recognizable vanilla flavor. the sugar is moderate and the vanilla whose grains are abundant expresses itself clearly. The cream tend to melt relatively slowly compared to a sorbet for exemple.The red fruits sherbet goes well with vanilla, bringing a tangy flavor and a little dynamism. The meringue sticks hollow and light are also pleasantly crunchy and easy to break, they are fully dry and do not have a soften heart.

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