Christmas Praline Hazelnut Log Cake

Christmas Praline Hazelnut Log Cake


Christmas Praline Hazelnut Log Cake

On our festive tables, let us tolerate tonight only the most refined and delicious desserts ! Gluttony must reigns !

But when the meal ends with the usual delay, we will not rush...indeed we know that we must kneel for the right reasons, a log that we see on a corner of the table seems a prey of choice.

This pastry consists of a soft salted butter caramel wrapped in a creamy praline, a soft biscuit, and a crunchy praline with salt flower.

the creamy is rich in dry fruits flavor, it is not sticky and remains surprisingly light. Under this creamy, we discover a biscuit, it is reminiscent of the praline flavor. The caramel is not very sweet, it develops a very heady caramel scent without being exuberant. Finally the crunchy praline has strong notes of roasted dried fruits, you will also notice the subtle salt flower.

available from December first. 

ingredients : cream, sugar, butter, milk, milk chocolate, hazelnut, almond, eggs , flour, nutmeg, vanilla

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