Venezuela (Region: Barlovento, Carupano), Criollo-Carenero Superior (70%)

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Situated in the north-west of South America, Venezuela is the homeland of the first cacao tree. The mountains of Venezuela are saturated with rich cocoa plantations that produce world sought-after Criollo beans and other known rare and famous varieties. Known as ‘The Food of the Gods.

Venezuela is renowed for it s remarkable cacao beans since the 15th century. there are many exceptional "Cocoa garden" across the country, i have selected a Criollo bean, Caranero Superior, from the Carupano region.

The full aromatic palette of this Venezuelan cocoa bean can be detected readily in this dark chocolate. Its structure is subtle rather than powerful and this couverture chocolate displays spicy and floral aromas. Its lenght on the palate is exceptional and there is a hint of acidity in the finish.

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