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The Art of Gift Giving: Buy Chocolate Hampers in Singapore

The joys and sorrows of gift giving. The act is rewarding in itself, but the process of finding the perfect gift is cumbersome at best. There is, however, an accessible gift that can easily put a smile on everyone’s face: chocolates.

Wine and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

A tantalising delight with a rich taste and an even richer history, chocolates have been part of traditional gift giving for centuries. As food befitting for the gods (according to the Greeks), a box of chocolates serve as the ultimate luxury present to sweep your receiver off their feet.

Wine and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

Chocolates are no doubt a sinfully delectable indulgence all on their own, but paired with a complimentary glass of wine and you’ll take “guilty pleasure” to another level. The key in creating the perfect combination lies in complementing their intense flavours and nuanced complexities – which is nothing short of a challenge.

A successful pairing is one that is vivid, producing enhanced tastes across the palate, all whilst revealing flavours in both. Discover which of the wine’s flavour profile attributes you are looking to exploit and use those notes to pick a chocolate that best supplements it. As a rule of thumb, match lighter, more elegant-flavoured chocolates with lighter-bodied wines that give off delicate fruity notes. For stronger chocolates, match them with full-bodied wines that have ample intensity to balance out the chocolate’s bitterness.

Finding the right pairing may require a few try-and-errors, but once you’ve found one, your choco-vino love connection will never be stronger. Truly a marvel on the palate, wrap the two in a gift hamper and let your receiver revel in it too!

The Perfect Luxury Gift: Wine and Chocolate Hampers

With Laurent Bernard, you do not need to hunt for the perfect chocolate-and-wine pairing, as we will do it for you. As an award-winning chocolatier in Singapore, knowing the perfect chocolate-wine combinations is part of our repertoire. Our online catalogue features luxury gift hampers carrying our decadent chocolates and the perfect wine to match. With Laurent Bernard, gift giving just got a lot easier. Place your order by 2359 to enjoy next day pick up from our boutiques or delivery. We deliver all throughout Singapore.

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