Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Gourmet chocolate bar pure origin

Only bars of solid chocolate are called chocolate bar or tablet also referred has candy bar.

Chocolate was consumed already has solid cacao in 18 centuries. This cacao was certainly very different from what we have now, certainly more bitter. Chocolate is a mixture of cacao mass, cacao butter, sugar and milk powder. The presence or not of this component will class the chocolate in 3 different categories: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate.

what is a chocolate pure origin?

this is a chocolate from one estate or plantation, the cacao pods are usually same origin, harvested and fermented in one plantation, yet there is no clear definition about this, a chocolate origin can be also a mixt from different plantation.

The main variety of cacao used at Laurent Bernard chocolatier

At Laurent Bernard chocolatier we essentially use Criollo type of cacao, which is very subtle. We also use the Nacional, trinitario and forastero type to create unique blend. Our bar contains about 70% cacao up to 100% or pure cacao mass. Laurent Bernard chocolatier is well know in Singapore for the quality of is chocolate, several time awarded best chocolate in Singapore. The brand is established for already 18 years.

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