Mark The Holidays with Christmas Chocolates in Singapore


‘Tis the season of giving! It’s time of the year again where festive bells are ringing and Christmas songs are playing. Christmas has crept up on us and you’re once again playing Santa for the occasion. You’re scrambling trying to find a gift for your loved ones; a gift that is guaranteed to make their hearts swell with joy. If you’re stuck in your gift hunting, there’s a particular gift that almost always brings a smile to anyone’s face: chocolates.


Chocolates: A Gift for Both The Intimate and Professionals


A classic gift for a classic holiday. Gifting one’s palate with a wave of intense, complex richness and endless flavours, a chocolate gift for Christmas will never fail to wow the crowd, chocoholics or otherwise. From young to old, nobody can resist an unadulterated serving of chocolates, especially luxury and high-quality ones at that. Its versatility also adds to its universal appeal; you can have it as a decadent chocolate cake to share with the family or have a box of an eclectic mix of sinful chocolate treats as a single present.


Chocolates are not only reserved for intimate gatherings with family and friends, but they are also perfect as corporate gifts! Strengthen business bonds and boost your team’s morale with a rich, velvety indulgence. This season of giving, gift them a luxury chocolate hamper or two to express your appreciation.


Welcoming Christmas with Laurent Bernard


Let Laurent Bernard journey with you in your hunt for the perfect Christmas present. Our chocolates are crafted with high-quality cacao sourced globally. With the skills of only a seasoned and experienced craftsman, each succulent piece of chocolate is sure to make your receiver’s day, this Christmas. Be sure to place an order before 2359 to enjoy next day delivery. Conversely, you can also pick up your orders at any of our boutiques in Singapore. Welcome Christmas with Laurent Bernard’s masterful creations and create memorable memories with your loved ones.