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Vintage Champagne and wine, a great gift idea.

Champagne is the party wine by excellence, there is different variety of champagne only those produce in the Champagne area will have the appellation.

All start with a grape, the 3 mains variety used are pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnays. Dom perignon didn’t t invent champagne, sparkling wine was already produce long before him, yet this Benedictine monk did contribute enormously to what is Champagne, transforming a simple blanket de Limoux into a superb beverage.

Vintage champagne is not created every year, the harvest is usually from a same parcel, the same year. It is best to consume the wine within 10 years from production, after what is will lose it s bubbling effect. here at Laurent Bernard we offer you a selection of millésime champagne, to celebrate any occasion.

Rose de Provence, the refreshing wine by excellence.

Rose wine are excellent wine when served fresh. The pink color of this wine (rose in French) comes from the grape skin incorporated to it. The longer the skin is left in contact with the juice, deeper the color will be.

Rose wine can be made sparkling or semi sparkling, there is a variety of rose Champagne too. At Laurent Bernard we did select 2 rose wine to degust. Chateau Minuty prestige and Minuty M 2 rose wine with extraordinaire aromas of grapefruit, blood orange and berries.

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