Celebrate New Years with Laurent Bernard

Celebrate New Years with Laurent Bernard December 30, 2021

An extravagant fanfare, stellar performances, and a blinding firework show that lights up the midnight sky once the countdown completes - the new year is finally upon us! For the second consecutive year, we will be celebrating the arrival of the new year with COVID-19. To curtail any potential spread, actual celebrations will be much smaller than the ones we had prior to the pandemic. If you’re gearing up for an intimate party of the year, let us join you in making this celebration extra special.

New Year Eve Countdown

What’s a New Year Eve celebration without all the dazzling performances? Similar to the previous year, this year’s countdown event at Marina Bay will not feature a massive outdoor concert, nor will there be pyrotechnic displays. Instead, we can catch a special New Year’s Eve music programme, Let’s Celebrate 2022. It will feature a lineup of performances by local and international stars taking place across the island. To replace the majestic display of fireworks, Marina Bay will exemplify our nation’s identity as the City of Lights with striking light projections and performances. For those who still wish to catch some pyrotechnic action, you can still look forward to heartland firework displays at 11 different locations and relish the Countdown experience closer to your home.

Bring your New Year’s Countdown party up a notch with Laurent Bernard’s delicious, velvety chocolates. Our Chocolate Boxes (9pcs, 16pcs, 25pcs, and 50pcs) offer bite-sized pieces of mouthwatering goodness. Bite into luscious ganache and praline covered in milk and dark chocolate as you enjoy the dazzling performances. 

Indulge in a Gorgeous Spread

Singapore is coined as the food paradise - what better way to end the year than to fill your stomach with a luxurious, scrumptious meal? Splurge on a gastronomic experience at fine dining restaurants that offer menus to match the New Year’s Eve festive ambience. CÉ LA VI Singapore, for one, provides the full package - a menu inspired by contemporary Asian flavours, a myriad of crafted cocktails, and a high-energy rooftop oasis with a spectacular view of Singapore’s skyline. Conversely, if you wish to welcome the New Year at the comfort of your own home, you can consider bringing the fine dining to you! Light up a few candles, put soft music on, and lay out a gorgeous spread.

End the gastronomical feast with a decadent chocolate cake! Sink your teeth into our Trianon, otherwise known as the Royal Chocolate Cake, and relish the seamlessly balanced combination of hazelnut dacquoise sponge, crispy layer of gavottes with dark chocolate whipped cream. Or opt for our Chocolate Tart instead! This dark chocolate ganache is encased in flaky dough lined with a fine layer of hazelnut praline, and topped with chocolate truffles, sweet chocolate bars and hazelnuts. 

Commemorate New Year with an Online Get Together

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 safety regulations implemented means that a large gathering with family and friends is not feasible. However, with just a little twist and a lot of help from online videotelephony platforms, celebrating the New Year with your loved ones is still possible! Order some wine and grub, set the time and date, and enjoy!

If you’re looking to indulge in a swig of high-quality wine, we have just the thing for you! As an award-winning chocolatier dedicated to giving your taste buds an adventure, we have experimented with several combinations of wine and chocolate pairings and narrowed them down to only the best. Take home our Whiskey and Chocolate Collection Hamper and pamper yourself with our indulgent chocolates, macaroons, Chardon chocolate, and more. Enhance the chocolatey goodness with a Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old that we have exclusively picked out for this chocolate assortment. For those who wish for a more luxurious treat, our Absolute Dom Perignon Hampers will not disappoint. All good things should be shared! We invite you to shop and send your loved ones in Singapore luxury chocolate hampers as a gift!

Celebrate New Year with Laurent Bernard

End the year with a bang and commemorate what you have done and achieved for the past year with a selection of artisan chocolates from Laurent Bernard. Place your order online and we will deliver these chocolates for you.