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Our iconic praliné collections are available in boxes of 9, 16, or 36 chocolates: inside, you'll find an assortment of homemade pralinés made with almond, hazelnut, peanuts, coconuts, pecan, and sesame milk and dark chocolate. These chocolate are the result of precise chocolate-making techniques, using truly exceptional cocoa beans. Laurent Bernard, our Master Chef, takes the utmost care in his quest to create chocolates with a perfectly balanced flavor. Taste these pralinés and enjoy an explosion of different tastes. Whether you enjoy them with your other half or share them with your family, happiness is guaranteed.


milk chocolate couverture

dark chocolate couverture

(milk powder, cacao beans, sugar, vanilla)

hazelnut praline

almond praline

coconut praline

peanut praline

sesame praline

pecan praline




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