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succumb! our macaroons are garnished with a delicious ganache, soft and crunchy, a real treat.
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succumb! our macaroons are garnished with a delicious ganache, soft and crunchy, a real treat

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Give the Gift of Sweetness with Macaron Boxes in Singapore

Packed with innovative stunning flavours and beloved classics, our macaron gift box is the epitome of simplicity and time-tested French pastry techniques done right. Crafted to cater to Singapore’s discerning palates, our macaron boxes are the perfect gift to celebrate any special occasion. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, create special moments with this gourmet treat that makes a bold statement with its luxuriously smooth ganache that meets a crunchy meringue. Pleasing on the eye and offering an equally satisfying tasting experience, these delightful confections are sure to make memorable gifts. With handcrafted exquisite flavours created to delight the senses, satisfy your or your loved one’s sweet tooth with each bite. 

Packed into an embossed 5, 16 and 24-count box, our macaron gift boxes deliver more than an unrivalled flavour experience. Striving to create an iconic sensory experience that communicates the long-standing traditions of Laurent Bernard, our gift boxes are just as artistic and visually appealing as the freshly-baked dessert that lies within. Open the gift box and unveil the colourful rows of pillowy and delicately flavoured macarons that are full of flavours and different textures.

Paying Homage to Artisanal Techniques 

A revered French meringue-based sweet, the macaron is a treat that prides itself on surface aesthetics as much as it does on the flavours of its ganache filling. Having mastered the art of making delicious macarons, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier pays homage to the artisanal techniques with our box of macarons. Each macaron is painstakingly created and moulded to perfection. From the crunch of the tart shell to the delicious filling that captures the essence of our love for quality ingredients, our original bite-sized macaron delights take you on a gastronomic journey. Infusing the familiar tastes of dark chocolate and hazelnut and putting our own flavour twist with macarons made with yuzu and raspberries, revel in a tart yet saccharine bite — all in one smooth bite.

Buy Handcrafted Macarons in Singapore

Experience a uniquely memorable confection that has been handcrafted with the finest ingredients. Soft and crunchy, our artisanal macarons are available in a box of 5, 16 and 24 and are complemented by a delicate meringue and delicious ganache. For a small and intimate gift that is packed with our uniquely crafted confection, look no further than the Macaron Box of 5pcs. For something that can be shared and appreciated by friends and family, consider our macaron gift boxes of 16 or 24.

If you would like to take your gifting choices up a notch, consider complementing your macaron gift box with some of our best-sellers in Singapore like our Black Forest Cake or Chocolate Cake. Buy our artisanal French macarons online in Singapore and get carried away by the wonderful flavours on these treats that have been sophisticatedly updated with a Laurent Bernard Chocolatier twist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Macaron Boxes in Singapore

1. How much do macarons cost?

This depends on the macaron gift box that you have your eyes on. At Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, our macaron boxes are available in boxes of 5, 16 and 24. Striving to provide the best creations at affordable prices and making every experience one that cannot be topped anywhere else in Singapore, rest assured you will still be able to enjoy the best flavour experiences regardless of the macaron box you buy. 

2. Which macaron is the best?

Our crunchy meringue shells are paired with classic filling flavours as well as those with a unique spin put on them. Get a taste of various flavours with our macaron box of 5 or sink your teeth in every flavour possible with a macaron box of 24 and be greeted by an array of delectable macarons that taste as good as they look.

3. How long do macarons stay fresh?

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier macarons should be kept refrigerated and consumed within 3 to 5 days upon delivery. Be sure not to freeze these macarons. To best enjoy the fresh flavours and textures, delight your senses a few minutes after leaving the box of macarons out at room temperature for a few minutes.

4. Why are macarons so difficult to make?

Macarons are all about balancing both delicious lightness and a subtle sweetness. Beyond its flavour profile, French macarons are a sweet treat that requires skill and care to create. Incredibly sensitive to moisture and other factors, skills and expertise are necessary to bake a fresh batch of these finicky cookies — something that we at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier have mastered.

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almond, sugar, eggs white, dark chocolate, milk, butter, yuzu, raspberry, pistachio, hazelnut
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